7 Winter Driving Tips

January 31st, 2016 by

Winter driving tips

Our drivers have often come to us with concerns about driving during the harsh winters we see in Billings and Laurel, so we’ve put together some winter driving tips. Keep reading to learn about what you can do this winter to make your drive home as safe as possible.

1.   Don’t Drive Tired

Billings and Laurel drivers should avoid driving during the winter when they are fatigued or extremely tired. Your judgement and reflexes will be slowed down, and this is likely to cause an accident. Whenever possible, avoid driving unless you’re well-rested.

2.   Drive Slowly

When it’s snowing or raining, it’s a good idea to drive slowly. You may not have good visibility in these conditions, so it’s better to take your time so you don’t run the risk of hitting a vehicle or curb that you might not be able to see.

3.   Do Not Use Cruise Control

Do not use cruise control when driving on slippery surfaces (wet, ice, sand, etc.). It can be extremely dangerous to use cruise control in these situations because your tires may lock up or spin out of control.

4.   Accelerate Slowly

If you press down on the gas pedal too fast, you are likely to spin your tires. Apply pressure to the gas pedal slowly to avoid sliding out of control.

5.   Know Your Brakes

Make sure you know the sensitivity of your brakes and make sure your foot is well-prepared to brake. You should also pump the breaks on slippery surfaces as this will provide more traction for the tires and help to avoid sliding.

6.   Create Space

In winter conditions you are more likely to slide even if you are following the above tips just because there’s ice involved. To be even safer, add extra distance between you and the vehicles around you. If you normally leave 3-4 seconds of following distance, increase it to 8-10 seconds.

7.   Stay Home

Check the weather conditions and the news reports — if they are all telling you that the conditions are really bad, stay home. Don’t risk your life to get somewhere when the conditions are too unsafe. Listen to what the news has to say and then make your best judgement call, but it’s better to err on the side of caution.

Find More Useful Winter Driving Tips at Underriner Honda

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