Underriner Motors Sponsors the ZooMontana Bear Cam

October 5th, 2015 by

Underriner MotorsAll of us at Underriner Motors are proud to announce that we’re sponsoring the ZooMontana Bear Cam! Nature lovers will soon be able to check out a live feed of the two bears currently residing at ZooMontana at the website of one of our dealerships.

The ZooMontana Bear Cam

ZooMontana is home to two magnificent grizzly bears: the 720-pound Bruno and the younger Ozzy. Since their introduction to each other, the two have progressed from unfavorable stares to friendly wrestling matches, and you can now check out what Bruno and Ozzy are up to at all hours of the day by checking out the ZooMontana Bear Cam.

Bruno quickly took on the parental role, teaching young Ozzy the ropes of being a bear, so the ZooMontana Bear Cam should offer plenty of entertainment as Ozzy continues to learn and their relationship continues to develop.

ZooMontana’s Mission

ZooMontana is home to a vast menagerie of wildlife, from the bald eagle to the bull snake and from the Amur tiger the American mink. Aside from their notable conservation work, the team at ZooMontana, like the staff at our Underriner dealerships, is dedicated to helping the local community.

Much of this assistance goes to local schools, with several projects both during and after the school day, while scouting organizations, retirement communities, and libraries also benefit. It’s just another reason why we’re delighted to sponsor the ZooMontana Bear Cam.

Watch the Bears on an Underriner Website

If you want keep up to date with ZooMontana’s Grizzlies, just go to the website of Underriner Honda, Underriner Hyundai, Underriner Buick, or Underriner Volvo — we’ll have a live feed up very soon! While you’re there, you’ll also be able to find a stunning range of new and used vehicles.

Support ZooMontana With Underriner Motors

We’re proud to be able to offer sponsorship for the ZooMontana Bear Cam, so don’t hesitate to check out this new web feature today. And, of course, we hope to see you at one of our dealerships soon!

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