Underriner Motors Gives a Free CR-V to a Needy Family

January 1st, 2017 by

Group photo in front of new CR-V
Every year sees the team at Underriner Motors given the opportunity to make the festive period that much more memorable for one local family. Working with United Way of Yellowstone County, we’re able to find households in need of a new car, and that’s exactly what we provide them with. For 2016, we were glad to hook up the Baker family with a 2004 Honda CR-V.

The Baker Family’s New Ride

When Hanna Baker was struck by a drunk driver, her body was left injured and her car was left totaled. To be without a car — especially during the colder months of the year — can suddenly make being the head of a family that much harder. With that in mind, the employees at Underriner Motors in Billings were thrilled to be able to present Hanna, her husband, and their three children with a CR-V — the most popular crossover vehicle ever!

Baker expressed gratitude with tears in her eyes, saying, “I am speechless … To have a car that you don’t have to worry about!”

The Underriner Car Giveaway

The Baker family’s CR-V is the fifth vehicle that the Underriner Motors team has been privileged to donate. Each year, Underriner Motors staff from all dealerships reach out to find a family in need of a new set of wheels, and the employees meet up to decide who gets the keys on their own time.

The employees even spearhead efforts to raise funds. Most of Underriner Motors’ 70-person staff will be out raising money, considering applications, carrying out repairs, and picking a selection of gifts for the family that ends up being selected.

We’re happy to report that the community has wholeheartedly responded to those efforts. Here are two testimonials from the giveaway event:
Underriner handing keys over

  • “After reading about Underriner employees gift of a car to the Baker family, I am moved with gratitude toward the Underriner community of owner and employees. It is a perfect showing of excellence for your business.” – Randy Sorkness
  • “The Missoulian picked your piece on the Christmas car give away! NICE!!! What a bunch of over the top “Underriner Elves.” Santa’s got a get crew working with him!” – Kelly Smith

Underrriner Motors is Happy to Help Local Families

Established way back in 1944, Underriner Motors has become an integral part of the Billings-area community during 70 years of dedicated service, and the annual car giveaway represents just one way we can give back. To find out more, don’t hesitate to contact Underriner Motors today.

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