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What Causes Tires to Wear Unevenly?

Using a Lincoln head penny to measure tire tread depth

If you notice that one pair of tires is in better shape than the others, then you may be wondering what causes tires to wear unevenly? This can be due to a variety of driver-specific factors, such as how and where you drive and the regular conditions where you drive. However, there are some other common reasons why this may happen, including how you maintain your tire pressure and whether you’re getting regular tire alignments. Learn more about tire tread wear and how you can get back on track with the auto service experts at Underriner Honda!

Why Tire Wear Matters

Tire wear is important to address because as you make your way through Cody and Laurel roads, you need proper traction to help you easily drive through varying conditions like rain and snow or even when off-roading in dirt and sand. Proper treads enable you to stay steady and stable when you drive, but as your tire treads get shallow or uneven this can be much harder to do and make driving a little more dangerous. Let’s break down two common causes of uneven tire wear and how to avoid them.

Improper Inflation Pressure

When you have the proper tire pressure, this enables you to efficiently accelerate, brake, and turn, and even offers better weight distribution when driving. If your tire pressure is too high or too low, it causes the tires to work harder, thus putting more strain and wear on the treads. You can notice this is happening if you experience a more shakey or uncomfortable ride. One way you can be sure to have the right tire pressure is to double-check your owner’s manual or even see it listed on a label located inside the driver’s door.

Wheel Misalignment

Another cause of tire tread wear is wheel misalignment. This is another routine vehicle maintenance task that can quickly make a better impact on your driving. Tires can get misaligned from things like hitting a pothole, curb, or any other bumps and can impact your steering and suspension components negatively as well. Once again, this causes the tires to work harder than they have to, causing earlier wear and tear than expected. Be sure to contact your local service team so they can get your tires pointed in the right direction and deliver better contact with the road.

Save on Essential Auto Services at Underriner Honda

Now that you know more about what causes tires to wear unevenly, you can check out more service features at Underriner Honda such as the Hyundai maintenance schedules, how many miles do tires last, what is a collision mitigation braking system, or why your car may shake when braking. Be sure to check out our tire center when you need another look at your wheels and save when you take advantage of our service specials. Contact us today to learn more and to schedule an appointment at our dealership near Red Lodge!

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